1,001 Things You Always Wanted To Know About Cats

By J. Stephen Lang

Think you recognize every thing approximately your tom cat companion?

In 1,001 belongings you continuously desired to learn about Cats, trivialities professional and licensed cat fancier J. Stephen Lang places your whisker knowledge to the try with 1,001 tantalizing trivialities tidbits. From myths and legends to well-known cat fanatics (and haters), ""catty"" words to comic strip kitties, bewildering behavioral quirks to mating and motherhood, you will study about:
* 5 U.S. presidents who cherished cats . . . and one that hated them with a passion!
* why cats take pleasure in kneading their human partners with their paws;
* a breed of cat with webbed toes who swims for his seafood supper!
* the most well-liked female and male cat names today.

With those and 997 different scrumptious minutiae morsels, you will discover an abundance of unforeseen delights on each page!

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Alley cats are American Shorthairs, and so is the lion’s percentage (pun meant) of family pets, whose proprietors often don’t rather care approximately such things as pedigrees. notwithstanding, there are pedigreed American Shorthairs, and “the papers” are required to go into them into cat indicates. yet many cat indicates now have a loved ones puppy classification that enables nonpedigreed cats to compete. 176 Ocicat you could already understand that the ocelot is an enticing noticed wild cat of the Americas (see 414). The Ocicat breed gives the look of being a truly small ocelot (which this breed was once named for), notwithstanding in truth the Ocicat is a genetic fluke that happened in a pass among an Abyssinian and a Siamese. nobody understands why the mating produced a few noticed kittens, however it did, and this new breed has many lovers. Ocicats have loads of character, and they're infrequent between cats of their adaptability to being walked on a leash. 177 Malayan This breed built as a colour number of the Burmese, and the colour is the single factor that distinguishes the Malayan from the Burmese. The Malayan has a coat of blue-gray, silver or yellowbrown and yellow eyes. All are playful, pleasant cats, yet they do appear to be extra delicate to loud noises than different breeds. ninety three 1,001 stuff you continually desired to find out about Cats 178 Scottish Fold it's possible you'll say that this breed is the turn aspect of the yankee Curl breed (see 183). whereas the Curl’s ears flip again, the Scottish Fold’s ears are folded ahead, flat opposed to the pinnacle. just like the Curl, the Fold resulted from a genetic mutation. On a Scottish farm in 1961 cats with the unique fold have been born, and all different Scottish Folds are their descendants. there's a few controversy concerning the breeding of Folds, given that a few humans suspect that the breeding can perpetuate listening to difficulties. yet Folds have their enthusiasts, who just like the cats’ candy nature and the designated glance of the pinnacle. Scottish Folds are available in most colours and as either longhair and shorthair. 179 Sphynx This curious-looking creature was once principally unknown to most people till the Austin Powers video clips made a family identify of Mr. Bigglesworth, the pampered puppy of Dr. Evil. The breed originated in Canada in 1966, while a virtually hairless kitten used to be born. the main notice is nearly: even if the Sphynx seems to be hairless, there's in reality a skinny coat of very brief suedelike fur. the skinny coat supplies the cat a lanky and bony visual appeal, with outsized ears as well, a glance that's not to everyone’s style. on the other hand, the Sphynx has turn into well known lately, without doubt aided by means of Austin Powers. ninety four All approximately Breeds and exhibits a hundred and eighty Cornish Rex when it comes to hair assurance, the Rex is one step above the just about hairless Sphynx breed. not like the Sphynx, the Rex doesn't seem hairless, yet has a skinny coat—that is additionally curly. because the identify shows, the breed originated in Cornwall, the quarter of a long way southwestern England. In a muddle of shorthaired kittens, one kitten had wavy fur or even wavier whiskers. those large-eared, slender-bodied cats are tremendous playful and feature the curious trait of wagging their tails like canine once they are satisfied.

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