Chemistry: The Central Science (11th Edition) - Test Bank

_A1Cl 3(aq) + _ H2(g) solutions: (a) four, three, 2; (b) 1, three, 2, 2; (c) 2, 6, 2, three 84 C HA P T E R three Stoichiometry: Calculations with Chemical formulation and Equations three. 2 S O M E S I M P LE styles O F CHEMI CAL REACTIVITY during this part we research 3 easy forms of reactions that we are going to see fre­ quently all through this bankruptcy. Our first cause of interpreting those reactions is only to turn into higher familiar with chemical reactions and their bal­ anced equations. Our moment cause is to contemplate how we'd are expecting the goods of a few of those reactions realizing simply their reactants. the major to predicting the goods shaped through a given blend of reactants is recogniz­ ing normal styles of chemical reactivity. spotting a trend of reactivity for a category of gear delivers a broader knowing than simply mem­ orizing plenty of unrelated reactions.

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