Do Whales Have Belly Buttons?: Questions and Answers About Whales and Dolphins (Scholastic Question and Answer Series)

By Melvin Berger, Gilda Berger

Offers solutions to such questions on a number of species of whales and dolphins as "Do all whales have teeth?", "How lengthy do such a lot whales live?", "Why do dolphins whistle?", and "Can dolphins keep humans?"

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Five m) lengthy and weighs a few 2 plenty (2 t). relatively a toddler! the child blue whale nurses approximately forty occasions an afternoon. every day it slurps down approximately a hundred thirty gallons (494 l) of its mother’s wealthy milk. The calf earnings approximately 10 kilos (4. five kg) each hour. in exactly one week it doubles its weight! by means of its first birthday, a child blue is two times so long as it was once at start. 37 Which is the main musical whale? The humpback. Its “songs” encompass brief teams of sounds. each one track lasts from 5 mins to part an hour. And one humpback may well sing a similar track many times for as much as 24 hours. A making a song humpback frequently remains by myself approximately 50 ft (15 m) lower than the skin. Its low tones should be heard underwater as far-off as 1,000 miles (1,600 km). Why do humpbacks sing? not anyone understands evidently. The songs can have to do with mating. basically the men, or bulls, sing. maybe it’s their manner of wooing—trying to draw woman humpbacks. Or they can be telling different men to stick away. The humpbacks appear to sing in most cases within the hot waters the place they mate and convey younger. Humpbacks within the similar breeding sector sing an analogous tune. The tune turns out to alter from yr to yr. yet someway, all of the singers be aware of to make the adjustments. Does the humpback whale fairly have a humpback? definite. you will see a hump in entrance of its dorsal fin. additionally, the humpback whale really humps, or arches, its again prior to it dives. And it dives quite often. now and again a humpback will leap up out of the water. this is often referred to as breaching. Then it's going to proceed diving again and again in a row. Breaching could be the humpback’s method of knocking unfastened the 1 ⁄2 ton (0. five t) of barnacles on its epidermis. How do humpbacks trap fish? A humpback will occasionally dive underneath a college of fish. Then it circles again as much as the outside, letting out a curtain of air bubbles because it rises. The bubbles shape a “net” round the small fish and circulate them as much as the skin. The humpback then swims up, mouth vast open, and gulps down the tasty meal. One humpback whale can catch approximately one hundred fifty kilos (68 kg) of fish in a single mouthful! 39 Who named definitely the right whales? Old-time whalers. they discovered those 50- to 60-foot (15 to 18 m) whales to be the “right” ones to seek for oil and baleen. correct whales are slow-moving, are effortless to procedure, and dwell as regards to shore. and because virtually 1/2 the suitable whale’s weight is blubber, that is lighter than water, the whales flow while lifeless. effortless to trap and land, correct whales have been hunted until eventually they grew to become few in quantity. Now there are fewer than 4,000 correct whales left within the world’s seas. How did whalers trap correct whales? With harpoons. A whaler could shoot a harpoon right into a child correct whale. The hunter knew the calf’s mom might pay attention her baby’s cries and are available to assist. Then the whaler may harpoon the a lot higher cow. yet whalers additionally realized to worry correct whales. The cows take excellent care in their younger. A cow will assault any boat that threatens her calf. occasionally an indignant mom might overturn a small whaling boat together with her robust flukes. Do correct whales “sing” like humpbacks?

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