Fox and Crow Are Not Friends (Step into Reading)

By Melissa Wiley

Fox and Crow can agree on issues: their love of cheese and loathing of one another. those cagey animals will do no matter what they could to outwit their sworn enemy and declare sole ownership of the prized cheese they hold discovering. yet they're too stuck up of their plotting and making plans to achieve they have picked the incorrect condominium to thieve from—since the mummy of the home is one bored to death Mama endure who is aware precisely the way to contend with freeloaders.

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How tremendous you glance up there in that tree! Your feathers shine within the solar. you're making the sky glance extra blue. What a beautiful fowl you're! ” Crow used to be happy. She gave her wings a proud flap. nonetheless, she didn't resolution. Fox attempted back. “I guess your tune is as superb as your feathers. i'd like to listen you sing! ” Crow couldn't face up to. She opened her beak and sang. “Caw! Caw! Caw! ” The cheese tumbled down. It fell correct into Fox’s mouth. He devoured it up, lickety-split. He licked his lips and laughed. Crow glared at Fox. “You had larger be careful, Fox,” she acknowledged. “You could be a sly fox, yet crows are extremely smart. You took my cheese. i'll get regardless of you! ” “You don’t scare me, Crow,” stated Fox. Crow dived at Fox, yet Fox bumped into the trees. From that day on, Fox and Crow have been enemies. Crow had a plan. The plan wanted 3 issues— a section of string, a section of cheese, and a great odor. The string used to be effortless to discover. Crow tied one finish to a tree. She looped the opposite finish and positioned it at the flooring. The cheese used to be tougher to discover. Crow positioned the cheese contained in the loop of string. She concealed the string below leaves. Now all she wanted used to be a superb scent. yet that used to be the toughest half. Crow couldn't hold a scent. She observed a few fish frying in a pan over a hearth. yet that used to be no longer a odor she might hold. She observed a skunk spraying her body spray. Crow may hold that scent, yet she didn't want to! She flew away quickly. Then Crow came across a good scent. She spied 3 bowls of stew. The scent of stew will be excellent for Crow’s plan. yet she couldn't hold a bowl. The stew within the sizeable bowl used to be too sizzling. The stew within the center bowl used to be too chilly. The stew within the little bowl was once splendid. Crow may perhaps put on that stew. She poured it correct over her head. It ran all over the place her feathers. Crow flew earlier Fox’s den. the great odor flew along with her. Fox sniffed. The odor made his mouth water. Fox got here out of his den. Crow flew from tree to tree, top him alongside. Fox didn't see her. He used to be following the nice odor. Crow led Fox to the cheese and the hidden loop of string. while Fox observed cheese rather than stew, he was once surprised.. yet Fox beloved cheese even larger than he loved stew. He couldn't wait to gobble it up. Crow pulled at the string. The loop closed tight round Fox’s paw. He was once trapped! Crow flew down and Fox flew up. Fox yelled. Crow laughed and laughed. Fox dropped the cheese correct into Crow’s open beak. “Delicious! ” she stated. “Thank you, Fox, or that tasty snack. I do love a pleasant little bit of cheese. ”. Fox shook his paw within the air. “I’ll get regardless of you, Crow! ” he shouted. “No one outfoxes a fox! ”. That was once the second one struggle. The 3rd struggle was once even worse. Fox fumed. He didn't like flying up within the air. He didn't like wasting. He didn't like Crow He plotted how to get even along with her. For his plan, he wanted 3 issues— a scarecrow, a section of cheese, and a birdcage. the first step was once effortless. there has been a scarecrow within the cornfield. Step was once a bit more durable. He didn't understand the place Crow saved discovering all that cheese! He seemed in burrows and nests and dens.

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