It's All Greek to Me #8 (Time Warp Trio)

By Jon Scieszka

Everyone’s favourite time-travelers are altering their styles!  The Time Warp Trio sequence now includes a brand-new, attention-grabbing layout, certain to entice longtime enthusiasts, and people new to Jon Scieszka’s wacky model of humor.

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I . . . uhh . . " Sam nodded his head up and down. "Well, i feel ... " Fred gave me a short thumbs-up signal. i presumed approximately the entire difficulty The booklet had received us into. i assumed concerning the nice adventures The ebook had obtained us into. I tucked the golden package deal conscientiously again into my backpack. Sam and Fred stared at me in disbelief. "I imagine i'm going to simply cling directly to it... and determine one other plan. " the parable OF energy our faculty Play approximately Greek Mythology forged GODS AND GODDESSES/OLYMPIANS Zeus (ZUS): strongest of the gods. Ruler of gods and mortals. Hera (HIR-a): Queen of the gods. Married to Zeus. Aphrodite (af-ro-Dl-te): Goddess of affection and sweetness, and she or he is aware it. Apollo (a-POL-o): The solar god and god of the wonderful arts. Son of Zeus. dual brother of Artemis. Ares (A-res): God of battle. Son of Zeus. continuously trying to find a struggle. Artemis (AR-te-mis): The moon goddess and goddess of searching. Daughter of Zeus. dual sister of Apollo. Athena (a-THE-na): Goddess of knowledge, born absolutely shaped out of the top of Zeus. Ouch. Demeter (de-ME-ter): Goddess of agriculture. Sister of Zeus. misplaced her daughter Persephone to Hades. Dionysus (dl-o-NT-sus): God of wine. Son of Zeus. Threw the unique toga occasion Hades (HA-dez): Ruler of the underworld, often called by means of his identify. Brother of Zeus Hephaestus (he-FES-tus): The blacksmith god. Son of Hera and Zeus. Husband of Aphrodite. Tossed off Mount Olympus via Hera simply because he was once so grotesque. Hermes (HER-mez): Messenger of the gods. Son of Zeus. quick on his toes Hestia (HES-ti-a): Goddess of the family. Older sister of Zeus. She did not have a throne, yet nobody messed together with her. Poseidon (po-SI-don): God of the ocean. one other brother in that chuffed Zeus, Hades, Demeter, Hera, Hestia family members. MONSTERS Typhon (Tl-fon): Hundred-headed flame-breathing chief of the monsters. Cerberus (SER-ber-us): Three-headed shield puppy of Hades. Cyclopses (Sl-klop-sez) disagreeable vast one-eyed men. Medusa (me-DU-sa): most renowned of the gorgons (see below). Chimera (ki-ME-ra): Fire-breathing beast with the top of a lion, physique of a goat, and tail of a snake. gorgeous. Harpies (HAR-pez): Fierce, pungent, winged issues with the faces of ladies, our bodies of vultures, and nagging methods. Geryon (JER-i-on): 3 our bodies, one head, and we are nonetheless uncertain how he did it. Griffins (GRIF-inz): part eagle, part lion, all nasty. Gorgons (GOR-gonz): 3 girls with snakes for hair, and a glance which can flip you to stone. Minotaur (Ml-no-tor): Half-man, half-bull. saved in a labyrinth. and also you concept you had difficulties. MAKE your personal GREEK MYTHOLOGY PROPS Orpheus's Lyre 1. Get a versatile stick. 2. Bend it right into a U form. three. String rubber bands around the U. four. Play "Three Blind Mice" again and again till each person begs you to forestall. Zeus's Thunderbolt 1. lower cardboard into the form of a thunderbolt. 2. conceal with aluminum foil. three. ruin all monsters. Amaze your mates. Paris's Golden Apple 1. locate one plastic apple. 2. Spray paint it gold. three. Award it to "The Fairest" four. Run on your lifestyles from the mad losers who do not win the apple.

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