Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction

By David G. Rethwisch

Building at the remarkable good fortune of 8 best-selling versions, Callister's new 9th variation of Materials technology and Engineering maintains to advertise scholar figuring out of the 3 fundamental different types of fabrics (metals, ceramics, and polymers) and composites, in addition to the relationships that exist among the structural components of fabrics and their houses. This version is back supported through WileyPLUS, an built-in on-line studying atmosphere, (when ordered as a package deal by means of an instructor). additionally to be had is a redesigned model of digital fabrics technological know-how and Engineering (VMSE). This source includes interactive simulations and animations that increase the educational of key innovations in fabrics technology and engineering (e.g., crystal constructions, crystallographic planes/directions, dislocations) and, moreover, a complete fabrics estate database.

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