Modern Text Book of Zoology Vertebrates

By R. L. Kotpal

The ebook has been written to cater for the durable wishes of Indian scholars because it is nearly most unlikely for them to selected any unmarried textbook on vertebrates. it's meant essentially as a textbook for the Honours and the Undergraduate scholars of the Indian Universities. even though, the scholars of upper periods, the applicants getting ready for varied competetive examinations, and the topic academics can also locate it necessary as a convenient advisor for reference. The booklet follows basically the development set previous via my textbook at the Invertebrates. therefore, vital Indian animal forms were defined first, by means of chapters on characters, type, different kinds and normal issues of other periods of Vertebrates. creation to the Chordates and chapters on Protochordates, Osteology, Embryology and Histology of Vertebrate kinds were prepared in separate SECTIONS to accomplish larger knowing and to prevent pointless repetitions. themes were chosen with nice care and taken care of in an easy and lucid sort. Characters and classifications were simplified and controversies shunned to learn our younger readers. Illustrations were specifically designed with nice dexterity, thoroughly, and in conformity with their textual descriptions. it's been my top endeavour to provide greatest details, enough for the scholars, in basic language, bought after sifting and filtering via numerous overseas textbooks in addition to periodicals and journals.

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7. KOEL (EUDYNAMIS). PSEUDOGYPS). HAL/ASTER). 10. KITES VULTURES (SARCOGYPS, I L OWLS (BUBO, KETUPA, TYTO). 12. PEACOCK(PAVO). I~. WOODPECKERS (BRACHYPTERNUS, DRYOBATES). Contents 1 MECHANISM OF BIRDS {RATITAE}. ameliorations among RATITAE CARINATAE. (PRINC:IPI,ES OF MECHANICS). MODES OF FLIGHT. AFFINITIES OF BIRDS. AERIAL OR FLIGHT ARCHAEOPTERYX AND forms beginning AND ANCESTRY OF varieties of toes OR CLAWS. varieties OF FLIGHT. PALATE. MIGRATION OF BIRDS. ARE GLORIFIED REPTILES. EClDNI:)MIC value OF BIRDS. desktop. A BEAKS. eleven. eight transformations among monetary 14 UJ::. l'lES:IS (HISTORY DEVELOPMENT). varied VERTEBRATES. DIGESTIVE 1 In real Contents approach : NECESSITY, OF middle IN VERTEBRATES, transformations OF AORTIC ARCHES IN (STRUCUTRE, MESONEPHROS, DUCTS, GENITAL features, department, ACCOUNT OF mind L","'~j'f'\L NERVE NERVES, method, HVU'UL,"C, OF fearful method, 10 GUSTATORY UK'uf\ii'l/>, PHOTORECEPTORS In 1 xx J Contents eighty one I. HABITAT, DISTRIBUTION conduct. exterior positive factors. INTEGUMENT AND EXOSKELETON. four. SKULLS. PECTORAL 6. PELVIC DIGESTIVE method. respiration procedure. HEARTS. mind. 12. URINOGENITAL approach. ",,,'d,. fe,,"-. LIMB 1 is CharacteJrs Com,moln to Chc)rd:

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