Name Reactions of Functional Group Transformations

This functional, well-organized reference delves deeply into practical team ameliorations, to supply all of the distinct info that researchers want.

  • Topics are equipped into the next sections: oxidation, relief, uneven synthesis, and sensible team manipulations
  • Each part encompasses a description of the sensible workforce transformation, the historic point of view, mechanisms, adaptations and enhancements at the response, artificial utilities and purposes for the response, experimental info, and references to the first literature
  • Contributors are famous and revered for his or her paintings at the particular identify reactions.

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6 Wharton response eighty five 86 ninety three 112 123 129 152 bankruptcy three Oxidation three. 1 Baeyer-Villiger oxidation three. 2 Brown hydroboration response three. three Burgess dehydrating reagent three. four Corey-Kim oxidation three. five Dess-Martin periodinane oxidation three. 6 Tamao-Kumada-Fleming oxidation three. 7 Martin’s sulfurane dehydrating reagent three. eight Oppenauer oxidation three. nine Prilezhaev response three. 10 Rubottom oxidation three. 1 1 Swern oxidation three. 12 Wacker-Tsuji oxidation three. thirteen Woodward cis-dihydroxylation 159 one hundred sixty 183 189 207 218 237 248 265 274 282 29 1 309 327 xii bankruptcy four Olefination four. 1 Chugaev removing four. 2 Cope removal response four. three Corey-Winter olefin synthesis four. four Perkin response (cinnamic acid synthesis) four. five Perkow vinyl phosphate synthesis four. 6 Ramberg-Bgcklund olefin synthesis four. 7 Shapiro response four. eight Zaitsev removing 333 334 343 354 363 369 386 405 414 bankruptcy five Amine Synthesis five. 1 Fukuyama amine synthesis five. 2 Gabriel synthesis five. three Leuckart-Wallach response 423 424 438 forty five 1 bankruptcy 6 Carboxylic Acid Derivatives Synthesis 6. 1 Fischer-Spier esterification 6. 2 Mukaiyama esterification 6. three Ritter response 6. four Strecker amino acid synthesis 6. five Yamada coupling reagent 6. 6 Yamaguchi esterification 457 458 462 forty seven 1 477 500 545 Miscellaneous sensible crew Manipulations bankruptcy 7 7. 1 Balz-Schiemann response 7. 2 Buchwald-Hartwig reactions 7. three Haloform response 7. four Hunsdiecker response 7. five JappKlingemann hydrazone synthesis 7. 6 Krapcho decarboxylation 7. 7. Nef response 7. eight Prins response 7. nine Regitz diazo synthesis 7. 10 Sommelet response 551 552 564 610 623 630 635 645 653 658 689 xiii Appendixes Appendix 1. desk of Contents for quantity 1: identify Reactions in Heterocyclic Chemistry Appendix 2. desk of Contents for quantity three: identify Reactions for Chain Extension 697 697 seven hundred Appendix three. desk of Contents for quantity four: identify Reactions f o r Ring Formation 703 Appendix. four desk of Contents for quantity five identify Reactions in Heterocyclic Chemistry-2 705 topic Index 709 This web page deliberately Left clean 1 bankruptcy 1 uneven Synthesis bankruptcy 1 uneven Synthesis 1. 1 1. 2 1. three 1. four 1. five CBS relief Davis chiral oxaziridine reagents Midland relief Noyori catalytic uneven hydrogenation Sharpless uneven hydroxylation reactions 1 2 22 forty forty six sixty seven Name Reactions for practical workforce variations 2 1. 1 CBS aid 1. I. 1 Description The Corey-Bakshi-Shibata (CBS) aid’ employs using borane along with a chiral oxazaborolidine catalyst to behavior enantioselective mark downs of ketones. This aid procedure has an a variety of benefits that come with broad scope, predictable absolute stereochemistry, prepared availability of the chiral catalyst in either enantiomeric types, excessive yields, experimental ease, restoration of the catalyst (as the amino alcohol), and occasional fee of products. the commonest kind of the chiral oxazaborolidine is derived from prolinol and has a methyl substituent at the boron atom (B-Me-CBS) 1. while one conducts a discount on a unique method for the 1st time, this catalyst presents an outstanding compromise of fee, enantioselectivity, and experimental ease.

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