The Magic of the State

Set within the enchanted mountain of a spirit-queen presiding over an unnamed, postcolonial kingdom, this ethnographic paintings of ficto-criticism recreates in written shape the shrines wherein the dead--notably the fetishized types of Europe's Others, Indians and Blacks--generate the mystical powers of the fashionable country.

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It was once s\llll1ge yet in all my journeys to the mountain seeing that 1983 1don't mink I as soon as s_ II peB(In or II 'JehOtie pass in or OUI of the doorway to the sugar milt It was once as though the mill . an itseif. Ye8l'S lall!! ' by myself with VI. gJlio nu~11\& his \I. ed outdated tald 0Yef \lie pot. holes at evening . ,... jth a ranchero wailing in \lie a. thrltlc: tape del:k it stn. ock me that there has been a splrit~ afflnity tlet,,-een \lie mill and the mountain regardless of theif ! lPPt! aring relatively dillerentlrom one anotherthe mountain being all Iable, the mill h_sIlly . eal. albeil with twinllling lighting fixtures. worl\lng incessanti)' lMt1ty--fou. hou~ an afternoon. The worIIefs eYen WO! I<. ed Chrtstmllli dII)'. They have been born,ng canetlelds on reliable friday. They _ allow up. I'efNIps what I discerned used to be that mill and mountain served to rflllect one another and thereby brirC out somethiog in a different way Inacoes. slble _ very important in each one o\llef, the Interestlrw; and mB)1)e Impor· tant factor being \IIat wtllle the mountain, 01 OOIJr$e, leapt lorth as a super worIt 01 the mind's eye. a spectacle and notable worl< of artwork, the Iofty. sugar mill at its bose didn't at IlfSI look seem th81 means eighty one all. in its place ~ seemed as somethine average or at IeMt somethl! 1g mJndane. secular. and brought 10. &riWlled. whereas nature was once eel&bfated at the mountain eighty five a part of the enchanted area of the s~~t queen. mistress 01 the serpents and d. agons, the wgar mill used to be nat· uralln that It belonged to application. potency. the area 01 salary exertions and modem oorrrnerce. yet then )'OU began to experience anything else pre on with the mill_ possibly simply because 01 the sharpness of Its Jux- de<2icated to profitless expenditure. For the mountain ema)ITM! i"l\. Fo. the landlord of the mill, the Cuban, has a freelance with the spirit queen: she calls for human existence. in a different way creation involves a s~ti •. Take the folk on the cost of . -. gUM f'W! gra" twenty-five miles -"1 eighty one the tip of a street of mod In an ocean of sug&

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